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Hi, welcome to eventi community where we love to talk about the event management software market and in particular event management software, where we explore all kinds of event management platforms and delve into the event management market. Throughout our decades of working in the events industry, we have seen firsthand how implementing event management software provides positive benefits for companies and organizations. We know it’s hard to choose which event management software or event planning software to go with, and to change the way you do things (adoption rates are a real thing) and make the financial commitment BUT once you do and you’ve onboarded successfully, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use event management software sooner.

Event management software is here to make your life easier so that you can work smarter and not harder. And if you run a business or are a stakeholder in an organization, adopting only the best event management platforms guarantees better ROI. How? Well, top event management software increases productivity, reduces dependencies, makes processes more efficient, ensures that your data is being stored in one portal and our personal favourite, it streamlines the work that event program managers do, and make the experience of their work more enjoyable.

Conference Management Software Makes
Your Conference & Sponsorship Planning and Experience Better

Planning large-scale events for attendees is hard work. Which is why attending a conference is fun but planning a conference behind the scenes is not that much fun, until after you have put on a successful event. A conference has so many moving parts to it, and this is where using conference management software makes it easier to execute a successful event. By using conference and event management software, it provides a flexible solution that simplifies conference and sponsorship planning and provides insight into KPI’s.

Online Conference management software allows you to communicate with your sponsors and provides them a seamless conference sponsorship registration experience in supporting your event. Gone are the days of emails and excel sheets, today your employees, vendors and sponsors want an experience, and a conference management software with breakthrough conference registration system features that not only provide a scenic and easy experience, but it also leaves a lasting impression. From an organizational perspective the ROI of investing in a conference management software is multifold and above all else, the best conference event software houses your data in one place that the company has complete oversight and control of.

Asset Management Software is The Intelligent Way Organizations Keep an Eye on What They Have

Events require “stuff” from exhibits, booths, furniture, etc. You have your “hard” assets and your “soft or “consumable assets”. How do you keep track of everything? In the events industry it’s by using a custom asset management software that keeps tabs on everything you have in your inventory. Exhibit companies commonly use exhibit asset management software to monitor, track and ship their assets for events, thereby making it so much easier to make the most use of their assets.

Exhibit asset management solutions aren’t just for exhibit companies. If you have assets that are being used company wide internally or externally for events, tradeshows and conferences then employing an asset management software ensures that you are maximizing the use and lifecycle of your assets. To get the most use and ROI of your assets you need to know where they are, how often they are being used and what you always have in your inventory. An asset and inventory management software can do all of this and much more.

Manage Your Call for Papers All in One Place to Optimize the Entire Process from Start to Finish

Simplify the complicated process of sending out a call for papers or call for abstract and the entire review and acceptance process all in one tidy portal. A call for papers software is a must have for any organization and institution that is always searching for speakers for their events. By having all your call for papers submissions, reviews, selection processes and communications internally and externally take place in one portal, you ensure that everything is accounted for in one place, and records and data is kept of all submissions being sent to you.

A call for papers software ensures your team can work efficiently by reducing dependencies and redundancies that often occur with numerous emails and excel spreadsheets. Over time a call for papers repository is created that provides an in-depth view of who, where, why, what and when, that your organization can return to and source from time and time again. By doing all the work in one place and ensuring that all the data is stored in one memory bank, the company remains the sole owner of all call for papers information being collected.

Types of Event Management SoftwareUsed in The Events Industry

Conference Management Software

Real-time insights and data of your conference planning and a portal to engage and communicate with your sponsors

Asset Management Software

Keep track of all your hard and consumable assets in real-time

Event Registration


Call for Papers

Boost your call for papers to the public and build your repository

Why the Events Industry Relies on Event Management Software

Planning events, especially large-scale events require a lot of work with innovative event planning tools and using top event management software makes it easier to keep track of all the moving parts in real-time. Having one consolidated event management software where everyone can connect, communicate, and store all their data is crucial in effective management. From a company’s perspective ROI is everything and to measure ROI, data is necessary and it’s no longer a good business model to have fragmented data through emails, spreadsheets, and laptops. This is where event management software provides a goldilocks solution.

Event management solutions through best event planning software models allow stakeholders and event program managers to access real-time information, detailed reports, and analytics. Comprehensive and consolidated event management software creates a collaborative platform for event planning to be simplified and efficient. By maximizing proficiency and reducing dependencies a comprehensive event management system is the most convenient way for event planners and event program managers to focus on event planning and to engage contributors and increase their attendee registration.

Another return on investment with the best event management software is that all data is captured and consolidated into one web-based portal that can be accessed from anywhere with authorized login credentials. Imagine a decade’s worth of data, trends, costs, analytics, and expenses to draw from to make informed decisions for future events and to analyse current ones. An event management software allows a company, organization or event program managers and stakeholders to have direct access and complete oversight of all event related processes.

Working smarter and not harder is the new normal and with event management solutions that include event booking software, asset management software, conference management software and web-based event registration and management software is the most cost-effective and efficient way to organize events.

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