Hi there, nice to meet you!

We thought it’d be nice to take a moment to introduce ourselves and the exceptional individuals that make up our c-suite that is eventi express.

We at eventi express are experts in creating software solutions that cannot be readily found in the market and we specialize in creating bespoke exhibit software for companies that have specific needs and requirements. The events industry is our specialization, although our solutions extend into other industries as well.

During the pandemic with all events being shuttered and life essentially grinding to a halt we pivoted our focus on creating a dream we had, to create our own branded suite of event software. This gave birth to our new suite of products called eventi express.

We took our 25+ years of experience in software development, intimate knowledge of event tech and our library of knowledge of what exhibit companies, event program managers and event planners need to facilitate and execute events such as conferences and trade shows and we created a “best of” product line that is simple to use, cost effective and really, really easy to implement.

We have had to pleasure of working with large-scale organizations and are proud to be a resource in the events industry and our goal with eventi express is to take everything we know and make it affordable and accessible for everyone. Our goal is to give the small to mid size companies in the event space the same tools that we have been providing to the Fortune 500 organizations for the past 25+ years.

The minds and characters that fuel this new product line are passionate, very knowledgeable and intelligent (this can be infuriating at times) and above all else they care about people, they believe in creating experiences and they love what they do.