Planning events such as trade shows, exhibitions and conferences is not an easy task by any stretch of imagination. These large-scale, high-attendance events require careful planning, strategy and execution throughout every stage. The challenges multiply when organizers need to host numerous exhibitions, events and conferences multiple times a year throughout multiple locations. The meticulous planning required involves the need to have clear transparency on company approved exhibit inventory, property and assets, event tracking, reporting and multi-status workflows that provide clear communication across multiple business units and its stakeholders.

In the past, event planners had to juggle a gamut of separate tools and fragmented systems to weave together these large scale events, such as conferences. This piecemeal approach is inefficient, fragmented, expends more manual work and a decrease on ROI. When there are moving parts i.e. business units that are not collectively speaking to one another regarding a common goal or project through a consolidated portal, there is automatically a loss in time and money spent and productivity.  The absence of a centralized Asset Management portal and resource database makes it increasingly difficult for event organizers to source company approved and branded assets and materials through a secure source eliminating the need for the back and forth email approval process. For stakeholders this Asset Management portal provides real-time information, analytics and reporting for up to the minute transparency and oversight.

To streamline the event planning process and ensure that everything proceeds in a timely and smooth fashion, conference event planners require a comprehensive and easy-to-use consolidated software that streamlines the workflows and deliverables required. The Exhibit Asset Management Software system is meant to address this precise problem. To ensure that large scale events are well-organized, informed and streamlined to increase efficiencies, conference organizers are increasingly making use of exhibit event and property Asset Management software’s to create, coordinate and execute conferences.

Large scale event planning is a huge undertaking. That’s why Forbes included the profession in its list of top 10 stressful jobs. A suitable Asset Management system can make the job vastly easier.

What is Exhibit Asset Management Software?

Exhibit Asset Management Software is a customized online portal that displays all company-approved exhibit materials, resources, assets, event tracking, reporting and provides real-time information about where they are located, who is using them and their ROI. It’s your one-stop destination to locate, collect and utilize company approved assets and information to develop and streamline the planning, execution and organization process of events.

Exhibit Asset Materials and Resources Include The Following:

  • Furniture
  • Banners
  • Graphics
  • Uploading event planning materials and templates to establish a clear communication channels and consistency across multiple business units and stakeholders
  • Demos of a product, service or technology
  • Brand marketing materials
  • Company-approved exhibit properties
  • Gift items with company’s branding

An online Asset Management software helps streamline administrative tasks and workflow processes and eliminates redundant data to ensure organizations are in a favourable position to track its orders and requests. Another major advantage of using an Asset Management software is that it helps reduce the amount of emails that are often the reason for delayed responses and approvals and the manual task of calling vendors separately to source materials and assets. Of course, with a reliable, customized software at your fingertips, the chances of human error is next to nil. Furthermore, the Asset Management software maintains an eagle eye view on all company assets so that they can easily be located, stored, and maintained. One of the most common deficiencies on company assets is the loss of ROI on assets that are lost, unkempt or mismanaged. It is crucial to be aware of how company assets are being utilized—with just one glance at a Asset Management software.

Some Important Benefits of Having a Premium Quality Asset Management Software Include:

  • Streamlined workflows
  • Cut expenses and increase ROI by reusing event materials
  • Manage banner stands, portable displays, inline booths, turnkey booths and large displays with the click of a button
  • Heightened transparency
  • Holistic user experience
  • Accurate, real-time information
  • Optimize and prioritize your assets
  • Ensure greater consistency
  • Information conveniently stored in a consolidated portal
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Ensures all relevant materials are in one place for easy access

Implementing a customized to your requirement’s Asset Management software puts you in a strong position to track, manage and report on the materials being used, the cost associated with them, and the ROI generated. A clear picture of every aspect of an asset’s location, availability, utilization and efficiency of use allows a company to make to most use of its resources. An Asset Management software also cuts down on communication time and information exchange with different business units, vendors and stakeholders.


What Differentiates One Asset Management Software From Another in Today’s Market?

There is no shortage of Asset Management software’s in the market and the sheer number of choices can be quite overwhelming. Under the circumstances, it is natural to wonder about what the differences between them are and the advantages and drawbacks of each. What’s the best Asset Management software for your company needs and requirements almost always requires a tailored approach that creates a one of a kind fit. Generic software’s don’t take into account all the variables and workflows required for each company entity, the different business units and it’s stakeholders. These kinds of one size fits all software’s won’t sit with you to map out all the options available to maximize the ROI.

While searching for an Asset Management software, look for a company that truly understands your unique requirements and offers a solution for those specific needs. Quality software companies invest their time and expertise in helping you maximize the utilization and value of the Asset Management system that fit your requirements.

Opting for an Asset Management software through a reputable company that provides direct end-to-end support and real time access for on-going customizations provides you with one key advantage—it allows you to reach the person behind the curtain and have a direct relationship with the guardian of the system that you’re using. At the end of the day business is all about the people that we work with, whether it be directly or indirectly.

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