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Eventi Community is focused on the events and events tech industry. Our space promotes knowledge sharing and shared expertise within the events world like current event trends, event registration & onsite solutions, events cybersecurity, event management software, artificial intelligence, digital marketing of events, conference management software, exhibit booths, conference registration system. We also cover every aspect of call for papers conference, onsite conference registration badge printing, asset management, call for research papers, call for proposals,participant engagement in event and every bit of information you need to know about what is happening in the event industry.


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Eventi Community space is imagined as an event management platform where people and tech can leverage one another. We cover the latest updates and innovations taking place in the event industry. You can be a part of eventi community and contribute to enlighten people about niches of the event management software industry. We strive hard to provide people a platform to discuss about event registration & onsite solutions, onsite conference registration badge printing, conference registration system, call for papers conference and call for research papers. The core objective of Eventi community is to centralize event and conference management software by leveraging the essential tools available. We are a community of people who are desperate to simplify virtual and in-person events. We welcome you to join hands with us and contribute to the future of event industry.

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