Events have now become marketing tactics for corporate which involve exhibits, presentation, trade shows and gathering of people to showcase the company’s product and services. There have been constant increments in the number of events which are being organized throughout the state and introduction of tools and services in the digital era has made it easier to plan, organize and execute the event.

Live events are experimental and observable in nature and therefore everyone praises them and shows interested in. It often gets difficult for an event organizer to manage the complete event manually on the spreadsheets or by using pen and paper. However, the introduction of automated event management tools has been a savior as the integrated system manages the complete event process from planning to execution and after event analysis with event booking software. By investing in an automated system, organizer gets more time to boost up the engagement and look for the ways to improve ROI of the event. Below are some of the best practices and ideas which might help improve the attendee’s experience

a. Employ Games and Activities Using Social Media

Most of the people are addicted to their phones and they frequently check their phones during the events irrespective of how creative content one put in front of them. This behavior of attendees can be used by organizer for their benefits. One must take this opportunity to design some interactive games and should post them on the social networking page of the event. For example, one can create a scavenger hunt that is related as well as relevant to the event. Such activities keep people moving and engaging and also help in promoting the event. In addition, organizer can also provide their attendees with rented iPads with the contents of event uploaded to drift their focus away from their device. It also improves engagement by involving them in surveys and participation during the sessions.

b. Make the Event Digital

No attendee wishes to stand in a long queue outside the venue either for registration or to get an entry. The event organizer must spend on efficient event registration software which allows people to easily make their bookings online by seating at the comfort of their home. The online registration option provides a secure payment option and significantly manages the complete database. Moreover, the onsite event management tool automates the check-in-cycle, simplify the collection of badge, and increase the engagement of attendee while enhancing the personalized experience.

c. Introduce Live Polling and Question Rounds

Sometimes lengthy presentation can be boring and the majority of participants crave for interaction. It could be interesting to organize some dedicated session with the speakers and promoting them through event app push notification. Such sessions often build up interest among the participant and therefore increase the attendance and engagement rate.

Moreover, the organizer should use the mobile application for events in order to collect instant feedback from the audience. Use of such application allows the participants to easily ask their question which is displayed on the screen and is answered in real-time. Introducing live polling keeps the audience active during the presentation as well.

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