The corporate event has become an integral part of the marketing strategy. It helps corporate with a part of their product and brand marketing and creates a healthy environment even before the product hits the market. Numbers of events are organized and manually managing them all has become a tedious and hectic task. In order to execute a healthy event, one needs to do rigorous research and meticulous planning so that the event can convey crystal clear message.

Introduction of automated event management software has been a savior for people from the event sector as it reduces the manual effort, saving time and money. It manages and monitors each phase of the event and thus improves the overall efficiency while providing opportunity to achieve the goals. Offering online event registration system is a great way to keep things organized and helps to keep a track of the student that will be attending the event. In order to draft an efficient layout for the event, one must follow the provided guidelines.

a. Study Your Audience and set a Goal

The event organizer must be well aware of their events and one should plan how to cater benefits from it. One must set their targeted audience as it is the key aspect of the event and answering this core question can help move forward to choosing an event registration platform. A clear definition of the objectives will give a clear understanding of the features that targeted audience look forward.

b. Look for an Efficient and Multi-Purpose System Solution

Event registration is an integral part of the event and therefore one must invest in a well designed and integrated system. The event management system is widely divided into two major categories, all in one integrated system and dedicated system. The integrated system provides a solution to complete event lifecycle from planning to execution and after event analysis. And the dedicated systems are designed for certain phases of the event only such as event booking software, event scheduling software and more.

Make sure the event registration system you employ:

· Facilitates all types of paid events

· Integrates with the onsite registration system

· Provides multiple options for online and offline payment

· Secure access to system logs and 2-step verification

· Integration with intelligent data analytics.

c. Create an Event Landing Page

With the digitalized events, it is important to set up major parameters on event landing pages. Hence, the event organizer must be as specific as possible and shouldn’t leave their audience in the dark when it comes to providing information related to the event including date, address, theme and more.

d. Set up the Event Tickets

After finalizing the basic event details from the ticketing system to the targeted audience, it is necessary to establish the type of ticket, its price, and quantity. Moreover, while designing an online event registration form makes sure you provide all the required information and also gather the detailed information.

e. Manages all the Attendees

It is important for an event organizer to manage all their attendees and improve the engagement. The automated system offers intelligent analytics which enables them to create a personalized message and make sure that the right people get the right content.

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