With the changing time structure process and requirement of businesses have experienced tremendous change. Event has now become the best available alternative for corporate as the medium of advertising and number of events are being organized. Introduction of automated event management solution is considered as the key behind the tremendous growth experienced by event industry in last few years. The advanced technology reduces the workload and cost while making the event efficient and more engaging than ever. The event management software solution offers plethora of benefits to the organizer while helping to monitor and regulate the event even from a remote location. The system is well integrated with features to serve each and every aspect of the event from planning to registration and promotion to execution. All the features are designed to make the work process efficient and in most of the cases are being customized as per the requirement of organizer.

Event registration and onsite solutions are the crucial tools which help organizer to simplify onsite event logistics from registration, check-in and badge printing to lead retrieval and session management. The onsite solution makes the processing of event much easier while eradicating the chances of last time goof-ups. In most of the cases, all the planning and registrations are done efficiently but the organizer lacks at managing the crowd on the day of event. Without using some proper onsite solution check-in of attendees is performed manually which is time-consuming and might disappoint the audience as they have to wait in long queues outside the venue. Hence, one can create great events by investing in tools which helps manage the events while improving the overall efficiency.

Onsite Event Registration solution ensures organizer about significantly speeding up check-in by providing with onsite solutions for the attendees who haven’t registered for the event through the online portals. In addition, the online solution speeds up check-in process with the onsite printing badges and collection of key attendee information onsite. Below is the list of significant features provided by a well designed onsite event solution

a. Ease the Check-in Process

Attendees and guests today have higher expectations from corporate events and therefore it is important to create a good first impression. The onsite solution helps deliver seamless check-in experience to all the registered attendees without making them go through multiple verification processes or having to wait for long queue.

Moreover, the onsite solution also reduces administrative hassles by pre-printing or printing badges on demand and reducing wastage and cost.

b. Offer Onsite Registration Solutions

Managing last minute registration generally mess up the complete event management for organizer but by investing in an onsite solution one can easily manage on the spot registration and payments.

c. Manage Sessions & Events

Provide exhibitors with simple-to-use lead retrieval devices to gather sales leads, add notes, and ask pre-qualifying questions. In addition, the onsite solution helps to track on the real-time engagement of attendee and thus allowing one to easily make real-time changes.

d. Enable Tracking Attendance

Enable the organizer to track attendees in order to understand their preferences and interests and deliver more engaging and memorable events. With the onsite solution, one can easily track session duration, show floor, and session attendance.

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