Consolidated cloud-based software acts as a repository to house all your data and information in one place, while also aligning efficiencies across team members and business units.

Below are our top ten reasons for why we are proponents of using consolidated event software in the events industry:

  1. Time: Reducing the amount of time spent on a task saves you and your organization money. Time=Money is as true today as it ever was.
  2. Dependencies: When having all the info you need at your fingertips in a consolidated portal/software you reduce the organizational dependencies required to get you the info that you need. Less time spent searching means more time spent doing.
  3. Efficiency: Nowadays organizations look to software to make them run smoother and more efficient. A simple way of doing that is to have all data stored in one place rather than it be fragmented between different laptops, emails, excel files and departments. Having access to the information you require at the ready means that you could be more efficient in your role.
  4. Data: Data is EVERYTHING! Data is the modern-day oil in our world economy today. That alone should be reason enough for organizations, institutions, and the like to be mindful and proactive of securely collecting all their data in one place.
  5. Mining Data: Data is simply information, by housing data in one consolidated portal it gives you the ability to mine it. Mining this information (data) is the secret sauce that will identify trends, improvements, areas for innovations, where things are not working and how to transform them.
  6. Branding: By employing a consolidated portal internally and externally it provides a fluid and polished experience to both employees and clients which enhances and reinforces your brand image and brand messaging. By providing an experience to your clients it reinforces your narrative and the way you present yourself to them.
  7. Productivity: Software consolidation directly increases productivity. By streamlining your operations and reducing internal dependencies, productivity is synchronized across your organization.
  8. COVID-19: The pandemic has taught us many things, one of them being that when people are apart and working, pivots are necessary. With the distance that we have all been experiencing during the pandemic with regards to work, it has really highlighted the need to employ a common portal that acts a virtual work area that is also a repository for data. Relying on emails and excel spreadsheets to get the job done is becoming antiquated and inefficient when each person has only a piece of the puzzle. A consolidated portal always ensures that what is needed is accessible within a common hub and not on Susie’s computer 100km away from you.
  9. Holistic Approach: Organizations, companies and institutions that adopt a holistic approach to how they do business and how they collect data, over time will save more money, increase efficiency and therefore, their productivity numbers will increase. Fragmented solutions and multiple repositories of data will never provide the full picture with a bird’s eye view that is needed to make operations run smoothly and provide access to information to make informed decisions.
  10. Informed Decision Making: When you have accurate, up to date information at your fingertips and the ability to compare the past picture to your present situation, better, informed decisions can be made. Organizational strategy is dependent on solid facts and the ability to compare the past (what worked, what was good, etc.) to your present (what is still working well, what is not, pivots needed to nurture growth, etc.). A real-time, high-level view of your organization, institution and company is crucial to accurately accessing and understanding what is happening at any given moment.
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