Conference & Sponsorship System

Promote your sponsorships, conference benefits, features and event details all in one portal. Maximize your ROI by managing your sponsorship signup and deliverable’s all in one comprehensive system backed by our award winning support.

Manage & Collect Everything in One Location

Promote Your Conference to Sponsors
With Our Sponsorship Portal

Promote why sponsors should be a part of your event

Create a micro site promoting your conference showcasing what your conference is about

Showcase your speakers and past sponsors

Promoting your speakers can improve your sponsors and gives them more reasons to attend

Provide pervious conference analytics and data

Show how your pervious conference went with vivid and clear data

Communicate your event schedule, agenda and track sessions

Having a clear agenda and guide related to what you intend to do at a conference goes along way

Promote your sponsor opportunities and packages

Your sponsors want impressions & access to your attendees. Making it clear what they can get improves sponsorship activity

Sign-up sponsors

Sign-up and collect all your sponsorships in location where you can manage and approve them

Integrated with Eventi Conference System

Seamlessly integrate you sponsors with Eventi Conference to manage and collect all your sponsors assets in one location

…Still not sure how a Sponsorship Portal can help improve your conference. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to show you how it works

Collect All Your Conference Assets
With Our Conference Portal

Pick and modify the deliverables you want or create your own custom deliverables.
Deliverables can be customized to collect the information and the assets you need for your conference.

Key Features

Company Logo and Description
Demo Names and Description
Sponsor Session Submission Form
Sponsor Session Presentation
Video & Promotional Materials
Custom Fields
Company Promotional Benefits

Customized & Branded to Fit Your Company
and Conference Needs

Multi-Level Sponsorship Packages

Setup clients with more than one sponsorship level. Clients can have access to all sponsorship levels via one login.

Collect Sponsorship Deliverables

Add, remove and view all deliverables entered by the client.

Sponsorship Dashboard

Clients have real-time access to all their sponsorship deliverables. Each deliverable can be customized.

Automated Reminders

Send timed email notifications & reminders to your clients.

Get More Out of Your Conference
And Increase Your ROI

Eventi Express Event Conference Portal