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How to Become a Tech Conference Speaker – Brooke Jamieson – NDC Sydney 2021

This session will cover my 2-year journey from having a panic attack before my first conference talk in 2019 through to having now completed 20+ Conference Talks, University Guest Lectures and Panel Discussions to Australian and International Audiences. This is the talk I wish I could have heard early in my career and I’ll step through what to do (and what not to do) to break through the Catch-22 of becoming a speaker, and making your voice heard in the industry. Audiences from different software/tech backgrounds will get value out of this session regardless of their career stage, as I’ll discuss how to achieve these goals for yourself, but also how to help guide any staff you manage towards these goals as well. Join me for an interactive and informative session where you can learn from my mistakes, and learn how becoming a speaker can have great career benefits.

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