Eventi Call for Papers

Manage and collect all your event sessions with Eventi Papers. Build & customize according to your requirements and start collecting speaker sessions today!

Event Sessions Submissions

How Can Eventi Papers Help Your Event’s Team
Become More Efficient?

Customized the way you want it

Eventi Papers gives you full flexability to create and capture sessions the way you want. Create the forms, design the look and start collecting.

Sessions Field build

Design the fields you want with easy drag and drop options. No programming required and get real time preview.

Design the look and feel they way you want

Brand each Call for Paper to your company, and event style.
Change the graphics, font buttons and color to your style

Create Your Review Team

Do your sessions need to go through a review team? No problem, we have this covered. Quickly setup and manage the review team in just a few minutes.

Search and Drilldown Sessions

Quickly search and find the submitted sessions that meet your event requirements with our comprehensive search filters & features.

Approve notify your team and speaker in 1 simple click

Rating indicators help you to easy find sessions and with just a few clicks you can approve and notify key team members and speakers.

Track Sessions Activity and Build Reports

Eventi dynamic reports give immediate insight into all sessions and data being collected. Our reports allow you to quickly identify key markers and make informed decisions.

… if you’d like to learn more about how Eventi Papers can help your team collect and manage event sessions please contact us.

Collect, Store and Manage All Your Sessions With
Event Call for Papers!

With Eventi Call for Papers, you can easily create your own personalized and banded system to collect sessions for your events. In just a few minutes you can be online and collecting session. No programming or design skills required.

Eventi Call for Papers was designed with Event and Program Managers to deliver and manage all your sessions in one easy-to-use platform with all the tools and resources to execute your event.

Key Features

Design and setup your Call for Papers
Create your team of reviewers
Publish your sessions system online
Collect Sessions and Speaker information
Review & rate the sessions
Approve and communicate with your team
Create and manage your event agenda
Graphical dashboards and reports

Eventi Papers Makes Collecting Sessions For Your Events Easy.
Fully Customized To Your Needs & Packed With Features.

All-in-one System

Eventi Papers is a comprehensive system that allows users to build and manage your session collection of all your events.

Easy to Use

Our easy to use interface makes it easy to setup your Call for Papers, design your pages and collect submissions. Simple to use and manage.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team to review, comment and rate all sessions giving you immediate visibility on what your team thinks

Agenda Builder

Once you determine all your session use eventi Agenda builder to create and schedule all the sessions for your event.

Collecting Sessions for your events just got a lot easier with Eventi