Event Registration is Your First
First Introduction to Your Audience

Each event has a beginning, and all beginnings start with an introduction. In the events world that introduction is your online event registration landing page and event registration software. Your event registration software or attendee registration system is your hello to potential attendees of your event and the why and what of your event. At eventi we cannot stress enough the importance of having a polished and cohesive message to highlight all the reasons why people should be interested in attending and supporting your event. The initial public facing introduction to your event is very important, it reinforces the events’ credibility and professionalism, that event stakeholders are investing in their event and therefore people should too and lastly, that the simple act of using an event registration software or attendee registration software shows that the event is polished and modern.

The points mentioned above are important, but they are the tip of the iceberg because the true value of employing an event registration landing page and software is of tremendous value for the companies and organizations who are organizing the events.

Event Registration Software
Is Solution Oriented

As with any investment the first thing to understand is why investing your time and money into event registration & onsite solutions is going to yield valuable ROI (return on investment) for the company/organization behind the event. Below we’ll list a high-level breakdown of the top ROI’s of using event registration software or attendee registration solutions:

• Convenience: By making it easy and convenient for your attendees to register for your event via the event registration and management software it ensures that your event is securing attendees at the height of their interest and when it is convenient for them. Regardless of if it’s 1pm or 1am, your potential audience can register when they want. By ensuring that your “door” is always open, no one is turned away because it’s outside of working hours or someone isn’t on the other end to manually register them.

• Data: It is often said that nowadays data is more valuable than oil. Just think about that, your data is a precious commodity that has tremendous value. Your event data and attendee data map out a data landscape that creates transparency to make data-informed decisions. Innovative registration platforms for events help in collecting, consolidating, and sorting through the data you need.

Event Registration Software Provide
Tremendous ROI

• Real-time Analytics: “Need to know and need to know right now” is the golden goose in business and although events are fun, at the end of the day it’s all about business and dollars. Real-time information is incredibly powerful and allows you to make informed and knowledgeable decisions. Real-time updates are also a huge benefit to your audience because they’ll get real-time confirmations, prompts, and reminders that are all automated through the event registration software..

• Event Metrics and Reports: Reports are necessary, reports give you a high-level view of what’s going on and allows you to understand exactly what is happening. When all the information is captured, stored in one place and available at your fingertips, it makes work a whole lot easier. By consolidating all your event registration data into one event registration software you’ll be able to get what you need when you need it.

• Cohesive Messaging and Branding: When it comes to your event registration landing page you need the messaging to be clear and cohesive, simple and to the point. Event registration templates help with that, and event registration templates also help with making sure your event branding is at the forefront. By working with templates, it makes it so easy that virtually anyone can setup a compelling event registration landing page.

• Secured Online Payments: Collect event registration fees effortlessly through an event registration software via a secure payment portal. It makes it so much easier when attendees are submitting all their required information and submitting their payments via your event registration landing page.

Move away from the Analog Mindset with Event Registration Software

Stop using spreadsheets, word documents and emails as the main form of organizing an event. It takes up so much time and energy, it overcomplicates a rather simple process and it is just inefficient. Adopting new tech and improving the ways we do things is an intelligent approach to do business. At eventi we cannot say it enough, work smarter, not harder. We know that it takes time to pivot and introduce new methods and processes, and sometimes people are stubborn and slow to take to doing something old in a new way but once that bridge is crossed, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

What 2020 and 2021 has shown the world is that even when we are not physically together, we still need collaborative event registration platforms and portals where we can work together, where all our work is collected and catalogued in one place rather than on dozens of isolated laptops and every person has only one little piece of the puzzle. When a stakeholder needs those puzzle pieces to see the larger picture they need to go through a handful of people, unnecessary wait times, countless emails, reminder emails and what could have taken an afternoon has now taken a week or two at best. Embrace the power of the digital age and leverage it to work for you by utilizing the best event registration platforms available to you.

Event Metrics& Reporting

Real-time event registration analytics and reporting that capture data pre, during and post event

Promo Codes& Tickets

Setup your event landing page for registration with promo codes and early bird specials to entice more people to attend your event

Curate Positive Experience

Your event begins with the event registration process and it’s the first impression that your attendees will have, make it a positive one.

Secured Data

Ensure that the personal information of your attendees is kept secured and encrypted in a locked digital database through the event registration tool.

Save Time

Allow the event registration tool portal to sort the information you require automatically and move away from doing things manually

Convenient Registration

Your attendees can access your event registration landing page when it’s convenient for them and register for your event without any manual input from you

Event Surveys

Event surveys gauge what your attendees think and their event experience. With the best event registration software, you can survey your attendees throughout the event. Hint: not enough events send out post-event surveys

Secure Your Data with Event Registration Software

We are all aware of the day-to-day security measures we need to take to ensure our safety (lock our cars, lock our doors, protect our PIN numbers, etc.), however you would be gob smacked to know how many companies in the event industry are still behind the curve when it comes to cybersecurity. Event registration tools require cybersecurity and regardless of which attendee registration solutions you may use, it’s a recipe for disaster if it’s not doing the bare minimum to protect the company and anyone whose information you are collecting. When it comes to collecting PII (Personal Identity Information) and credit card information there are legal requirements to safeguard that information. When using event registration software or attendee registration software you can ensure that you are fulling the necessary requirements to protect your data and the data of your attendees, rather than using an ad hoc approach. As the adage goes “pay now or pay later” and later will always cost more.

Types of Event Management Software
Used in The Events Industry

Session Tracking

Keep track of your registrant attendance with our badge scanning verification process

Self Service Kiosk

Your guests can register and check themselves in with the ability to preview and print event badges on their own

On-Demand Badge Printing

Works with your team to design and brand your event badges as per your requirements and specifications.

On-Site Event Support

From working with other staffing agencies to our on-site presence, eventi ensures your event runs smoothly

Event Registration Software is a Tool That Every Event Organizer Should Have in Their Toolkit

As mentioned on the homepage, planning events, large scale events is hard work and it becomes very easy for things to go off the rails and for things to bottleneck and get delayed. It is always best to mitigate potential issues and streamline processes wherever you can by utilizing an event registration software or attendee registration software. At the end of the day the company owns all the information collected throughout the event registration phase and has an obligation to safeguard and protect that data. For a company to successfully do that, the company must maintain control and oversight of the attendee registration data and the only way to successfully do that is if said data is residing on a consolidated platform through an event registration tool. It also worthy to keep in mind that if your company does more than one event a year than over time the event registration software will be paying you back with all the benefits, you’ll be gaining form it.