Eventi Express is proud to offer a suite of event management solutions, however we are exceptionally proud of our hero product, eventi assets. With over 25 years of experience in working in the events world alongside some of the world’s top organizations we here at eventi express have learned a thing or two about what works. What makes our eventi assets our hero product?

It is one of the best asset management solutions on the market for the events industry.

Bold statement, we know.

We also know that there are other asset management solutions out there (that shall not be named) and we also know that those solutions are over complicated, out-dated and lack the refined simplicity that makes people comfortable with trying something new. And the price point, the one factor that can make or break a deal is shall we say very modest and fair.

However, we are aware that we cannot simply call it a hero product without providing evidence of its outstanding achievements.

  • There have been over 1.2 million asset orders placed through our event asset management software. And counting.
  • We have worked hand-in-hand with event program managers and stakeholders from many of the world’s leading organizations to ensure their event assets are always captured in real-time to ensure KPI’s are being met and that ROI’s are being realized.
  • We are the team that organizations approach when they cannot find the one-size fits all cookie cutter solution. This in turn has taught eventi express what organizations are really looking for, what their requirements are and the why’s behind their what’s.

Eventi assets saves our clients money! This is a big one.

  • By employing our asset management solution, it saves you money. It reduces internal dependencies and streamlines workflows. If you are still using emails and excel sheets to communicate and order assets through, then you my friend are losing money.
  • Create an experience for your clients where they log into the system, select, and order their assets effortlessly and quickly.
  • Collect all your data in one portal. This is a very big deal and the past few years have crystalized this point with more people than ever working remotely. Segregated information is lost data that is not being captured. Make better business decisions and ensure your stakeholders have real-time, birds eye view on your asset inventory and usage.

Contact eventi express to find out how our eventi assets can add value and order to your organization.