Collect all your event demos with Eventi EDS. Give your team and developers visibility and collaboration on all your organizational Event Demos.

Event Demo Solution (EDS)

How Can Eventi EDS Help Your Event’s Team
Become More Efficient?

Build New Demos for Your Events

Eventi EDS allows users within your organization to build and share Demos for all your events.

Collect Key Demo Details

Capture all the key details and information related to your Demos that can
be mapped to key event metrics

Share and Coordinate With Our Team Members

Work and collaborate on new event Demos with other team members

Collect Demos From Partners and Collaborators (Call for Demos)

Easily create a call for Demos and have team members directly submit
Demos for your event

Search and Drilldown Demos Needs Based on the Event Criteria

Find the perfect Demo for your event with easy to use search and drilldowns. Export the Demos and data you need.

Track All Your Demos Submissions

Demos Submission are easily collected via our secure online forms and tracked in your event collections. Create and manage multiple events in one place.

Manage and Approve Demos Collections For Your Events

With Call for Demos you can easily build a collection of Demos for your events and manage the Demos you need.

… if you’d like to learn more about how Eventi EDS can help your team collect and manage Event Demos please contact.

Stop Using Emails and Excel Files to Manage
Your Event Demos!

With Eventi EDS you can now build a company wide Demo repository that can be shared with multiple team members and business groups. Thousands of dollars are spent planning and creating event Demos with a low ROI simply due to not having consolidated visibility within the organization.

Collect, track and search for event Demos based on your event metrics in one location with Eventi EDS. Combined with other powerful built-in modules your event team can now do more and have the visibility to find and collaborate with other team members to run a successful event.

Key Features

Create a comprehensive Demo repository
Capture Demo details and support documents
Real-time activity keeps you up to date
Collect Demos from partners and event teams
Export and build presentations
Bulk upload demos via Excel files
Create your own “Call for Demos”

Eventi EDS Gives Your Events Team and Organization The Visibility and Tools to Collect and Manage Event Demos

All-In-One System

Eventi EDS is a comprehensive and consolidated system that allows users to build and manage a collection of all your event Demos.

Higher ROI

Get more out of your Demos by increasing the visibility and usage of each Demo that is created. Reduce duplicated efforts!


Users go to one place to search and find the right Demos for their events. No more emails or lost Demos that solely reside with one team member.

Metrics and Reporting

Eventi EDS allows event admins to drilldown and build reports on the Demo types being created and match event criteria.

Eventi EDS Was Built And Developed in Collaboration
with Event Organizers.