Stop spending countless hours searching & collecting speakers for your events and start using Eventi Speaker Repository

    Event Speaker Management System

    What Make Eventi Speaker Repository
    A Powerful Tool for your Events?

    Easily Collect and Build a Company Wide Speaker Repository

    With Eventi you get direct access to all the Speakers you showcased at your
    events. Say good by to excel sheets, PPT and emails.

    Build Customized Workflows

    Eventi is designed so that we can customize it to fit your workflows. You’re in control, unlike other solutions that give you limited to no options.

    Create Your Own Data Structure With Eventi Core

    Build and collect exactly what you want according to your company
    KPI’s and requirements.

    Drilldown and Find the Perfect Speaker for Your Event

    Our drilldown and search parameters allow you to search and find
    the speakers that fit your event criteria.

    Need Speakers for Your Event… With Eventi You Can Do That!

    Get your event staff and partners to submit speakers for your event, specific to your event criteria.

    Track and Manage All Your Speaker Submissions

    Speaker submissions are easily collected via our secure online forms and saved to your event. Manage and approve the speakers you want to use.

    Survey Your Speakers Onsite With Eventi Rater

    Want to know how your Speakers did? With Eventi Rater you can survey your audience and rate your speakers in real-time.

    … if you’d like to learn more about how Eventi Speaker Repository can help your team collect and manage Event Speakers please contact us for a demo.

    Why Eventi Speaker Repository can help you
    Save Time!

    With our Eventi Speaker repository system you can build a company wide collection of speakers for your events that can be managed all in one location. Collect a comprehensive collection of speakers from your partners and events team or send out a Call for papers to create ongoing visibility.

    Your events team spends countless hours searching for the right speakers only to not use them again or losses them in emails, personal folders and presentation documents. Important information is just lost or forgotten.

    Using our powerful modules you can easily collect, manage and rate your speakers. Eventi gives your organization and events team visibility and direct access to a collection of speakers for future events.

    Key Features

    Create a comprehensive Speaker Repository
    Capture Speaker details and support documents
    Real-time activity keeps you up to date
    Collect Speakers from partners and event teams
    Export and build presentations
    Bulk upload demos via Excel files
    Track your ROI and Speaker acceptance

    Eventi Speaker Repository is a Complete System That Manages
    and Creates the Visibility You Need on all Your Speakers

    Designed For Event Organizers by Solution Experts

    We’ve worked with event teams and organizers to develop a Speaker Repository system that works specifically for the events industry

    Higher ROI

    Save time and find the right speakers for your events with direct access to a collection of Speakers

    Easily Collect Speakers From Your Team and Partners

    Our comprehensive system makes collecting speakers for your organization and events easy and fast

    Survey and Reporting

    Learn from your attendees and find out how well your speakers engaged with the audience

    Eventi Speaker Repository Will Change the Way You Engage with Your Speakers.