Sponsorship For Conferences
A Pulse of Your Event

Conferences and sponsors go hand in hand and often large-scale conferences cannot happen without sponsorship for conferences. The most transparent reason why is because sponsors bring in money (capital) into the conference and can elevate and add an extra panache. However, money isn’t the only reason sponsorship for your conferences are crucial. Sponsors add clout, they can increase your attendee/audience reach, enhance your marketing, a strong sponsor can bring in other sponsors at different tiered sponsor levels and a prominent sponsor can increase media coverage of your conference.

Partnering with sponsors for your conferences is viewed as being a mutually advantageous relationship and each party requires a return on their investment. The beginning of the sponsor relationship begins with your outreach and communication with your potential sponsors and your selling points of why your conference is the right fit and messaging for those sponsors. It’s also necessary to keep in mind that since your sponsors are essentially investors into your conferences you would want to create a frictionless experience for them.

Conference Sponsorship Registration Software
Is the Best Way to Engage Your Sponsors

Potential sponsors need to be sold on why they should give your conference money, credibility and a larger audience reach. Your messaging needs to be clear, cohesive, and compelling to attract sponsors and all of this requires a polished and professional approach. This is where the benefits of using a conference sponsorship registration software come in handy. A conference management software or sponsorship management software is the secret ingredient in ensuring that your sponsors are kept up to date with key deliverables, it serves as a collection portal where you can collect all the required information from your sponsors, it serves as a communication portal where your sponsors and potential sponsors can reach out to you to inquire further about sponsorship levels.

Your custom conference portal also serves as your marketing platform of why sponsors should support your conference and what they will be receiving from their investment based on the conference sponsorship package and the different tiers of sponsorship levels that the conference is promoting. Utilizing an online conference management software ensures that your sponsors have a great user experience, all the data is kept in one consolidated conference management system and that conference stakeholders can have a diverse use in mining the data collected for future events.

Features to Look for in Conference
Sponsorship Registration Software

With many different types of conference sponsorship registration software’s in the market and most claiming a one size fits all approach we at eventi have drilled down the essential features that have a significant return on investment, increase efficiency and reduce dependencies within your business units.

Real-Time Data and Insights

With a consolidated conference registration software and sponsorship portal you have access to real-time data, analytics and insights that are the bedrocks of your conference planning and management. By having critical data at your fingertips, it increases the efficiency of your efforts.

Real-time Sponsorship Dashboard

View real-time data on your sponsors, deliverables, and outstanding items. Real-time data ensures that you are kept in the loop regarding the executive management of your conference.

Automated Email Reminders and Notifications

Send out automated emails and notifications to your sponsors as a gentle reminder to submit all required information while also promoting your conference schedule and agenda

Promote Your Sponsor Opportunities and Packages

Engage your potential sponsors by creating a landing page describing your conference benefits, showcase your speakers and past sponsors and highlight all your sponsorship packages.

Conference Sponsors are an Important Asset to Your Conference

Conference sponsors are a necessary element of the production of your conference, however it’s important that along with partnering with a sponsor, you are partnering with sponsors that are compatible and resonate with your product, service, and conference theme. The cohesiveness of what the messaging of the conference is paired with the sponsors supporting the event is very important and speaks to the ethos of the conference. A sponsor can positively influence the credibility of the conference or in other cases when there is a mismatch between a conference and their sponsor it can have a negative effect. Sponsors add to the awareness of your event and by their participation they also increase the awareness of their client base to your event. Another thing to keep in mind is that by connecting with like-mined and like-branded sponsors it also has an influence on the perception of your conference, its image, it’s messaging and branding.

Collect Deliverables

Conference management tools streamline your processes and make it super easy for your sponsors to engage with your conference and submit their deliverables and payments.

Sponsorship Packages

Create multiple sponsorship levels, conference sponsorship packages and opportunities

Automated Reminders

Create automated reminders within the software that are sent out when targets have not been met and reduce the time spent highlighting due dates.

Sponsorship Deliverables

Flexibility to create and collect sponsorship deliverables create your sponsorship deliverables, modify them and view all information submitted by your sponsors

Session Tracking

Simplify the management of tracking sponsor submission forms, inquires and sponsor presentation in one place via a conference management software

Sponsorship Website

Create a buzz and interest by promoting the benefits and value of sponsoring your event through a pre-event sponsorship website. Draw interest, gauge audience interest, and create awareness of your conference.

Brand Messaging

Ensure that your brand messaging and brand awareness is woven into the best conference registration software and in your call for sponsorship for your conference

Investment into a Conference Management Software
Yields a High Return for your Event

Too often the main issue we have found when changing the way, you do things is the initial resistance to change and perhaps being slightly afraid of learning a new technology. This is what is referred to as the “adoption phase” in tech. There is a bit of a learning curve to do the same thing in a different fashion it is in this phase that having support both internally within the company and externally with your tech provider is important. Software such as a conference and event management software and online sponsorship management over time saves a significant sum, and the savings are not liner. There is cost saving in the reduced time spent doing a task, increased efficiency in performing tasks quicker with less friction, the ability to access pertinent information in real-time that is available at your fingertips, a reduction is the amount of emails sent out to gather information you require and the invaluable asset of having all your data in one place. The last point is huge because information is worthless unless you can access it and from an organizational perspective data is a very valuable asset that too often is scattered about and out of sight and out of mind.

What To Look For In Conference Software
To Deliver a Perfect Event

Multi-Level Sponsorship Packages

Setup clients with more than one sponsorship level. Clients can have access to all sponsorship levels via one login.

Collect Sponsorship Deliverables

Ability to add, remove and view all deliverables entered by the client.

Sponsorship Dashboard

Clients have real-time access to all their sponsorship deliverables. Each deliverable can be customized.

Automated Reminders

Send timed email notifications & reminders to your clients.

Conference Management Software is a
Perfect Fit for Events

Regardless of your industry if you are participating in medium to large scale events and events are a bedrock of your marketing strategies and lead generation then a conference management software is for you. It simply streamlines all processes, captures data in one place, ensures that nothing is lost or forgotten, creates a great user experience not just internally for your business units but for your sponsors as well.

A Conference registration platform exudes a professional and polished image and keeps data in a nice and tidy place. With your data in one place, you can produce reports and analytics, drill down into specific KPI’s and export what you require. Conference management software also provides a level of security of who is accessing your data, provides different user access depending on different roles and at the executive level you can control who sees what and what they have access to.