With the integration of digital marketing within the conference sponsor industry, sponsors nowadays consciously look for conferences that include their potential target audience. After all, with the real-world impact of social media platforms to measure targeted audience engagement for particular events, sponsors from all around the world look for the right conference when making an investment. When executed properly, a compelling and engaging social media presence and a captivating and creative digital marketing campaign of a sponsorship conference can increase traffic, brand awareness, sponsor engagement, conversation, and revenue, while retaining existing sponsors and attracting new sponsorship opportunities.

A successful sponsorship conference digital marketing strategy involves social media exposure and promotions, mobile marketing, SEO, video marketing, content marketing and paid promotions. Digital marketing provides a platform for sponsorship conference marketing teams to capture contacts, generate leads, forecast revenue and predict levels of consumer and sponsor engagement. The key objective of utilizing digital marketing is to drive the sponsorship conference brand through various digital marketing and social media platforms to reach an extensive target audience within a few clicks. Digital marketing techniques and strategies also help build new relationships while reconnecting existing relationships with sponsors and stakeholders.

The purpose of creating a digital marketing plan for a sponsorship conference is to keep it S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). Ensuring that the digital marketing objectives align with the aims and goals of the sponsorship conference creates clear articulation to the sponsors and an increase on the ROI (return on investment).


Below is a Checklist for the Perfect Conference Sponsorship Digital Marketing Campaign:


  • Define strategy, goals, and key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure the sponsorship conference growth and interest.
  • Clearly defined ideas about the sponsors and target audience for the conference.
  • Creating a responsive, well-designed and informative sponsorship event website to enhance the digital presence of the conference.
  • Personalized email marketing for current and potential sponsors.
  • Frequent updates on the sponsorship conference’s social media pages and website to increase the rate of interacting with a wider The frequent updates also notify the sponsors about the conference and increase the chances of converting the targeted audience into sponsors by posting attractive and informative posts.
  • Regular analysis of the sponsorship conference metrics and performance to strategize further progress.

How to Improve the Digital Presence of Conference Sponsorship?

The social media presence of the sponsorship conference is one of the most important avenues to communicate to a targeted audience and interact with potential sponsors.

How Digital Marketing Helps Conference Sponsorship Organizers Improve Their Online Presence:

  • Creates a unique and customized calendar of conference sponsorship posts on a variety of social media platforms such as Hootsuite.
  • Aids to create relevant trends for the conference so that people can easily share their views and get the data and information related to the sponsorship of the conference.
  • Helps in keeping the sponsor audience updated about their deadlines, requirements, fellow sponsors, and audience of engagement for the conference, by regularly posting updates on social media platforms and through email updates and marketing.
  • Produces more spontaneity in response to digital queries of the potential sponsor pool to create a positive impact on the event.
  • Helps in improving utilization of advertising options on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others to engage better traffic.

Along with social media platforms, other aspects that can help a sponsorship conference organizer to engage with their target audience is their event website and mobile application. Both play an integral role in digitally marketing the conference to reach a larger audience size. Websites increase the professionalism of a sponsorship event and creates better communication and trust with the sponsors, while a mobile application has several features which keeps the sponsors updated about the sponsorship requirements, timelines and activities, while also allowing for the sharing of information.

How Digital Marketing Helps in Tracking the Performance of the Conference Sponsorship?

Online tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager help the conference sponsorship organizer to understand their sponsor’s expectations and therefore, help in optimizing the website as per their interests and needs. Moreover, constant updates and details about the sponsorship campaign helps the conference planner to refine the strategy and tactics related to conference marketing for improved ROI.

The digital presence along with wider sponsor audience engagement and activities helps the conference get more sponsors. The value of having sponsors at a conference provides resources and revenue to offset some of the costs, but what adds priceless value is that sponsorships provide clout and recognition to prospective attendees that your conference is legitimate, well-respected, bona fide and worth their time and investment. The better the digital presence of the conference the higher the chances of getting sponsorship from the and well-known companies and organizations. The digital presence of the conference helps in cutting down communication costs while it boosts the conference sponsorship campaigns and strongly improves the awareness and reach of the conference to the targeted audience.

In addition, the digital presence of the conference on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter helps to express to the target sponsor audience the conference brand and culture. Companies search the best conference events to sponsor according to their consumer industry, potential ROI and affiliations. The sponsor engagement process uses different tools to match the goal and interest of sponsors to sponsorship opportunities and helps them boost their visibility during conferences. The online digital presence of the conference is a great asset for communicating to and expanding the sponsor pool and building brand awareness.

With the growth and advancement in information technology, the conference sponsorship landscape has completely transformed in the last two decades. Today’s conference sponsorship portals are integrated with advanced tools and features which makes organizing the conference and executing it simpler and easier with ensured work-flows. Along with the online software solutions with digital marketing strategies, they play an important role in attracting and retaining sponsors and provide a platform to interact with a wider audience. The digital marketing of any conference ensures a better response rate from the online audience and allows tracking the performance of the conference sponsorship to monitor the real-time event activities and interest.

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