Creating and co-ordinating a conference with sponsors is a meticulous process requiring end-to-end fluid workflows. This is essential to streamline deliverables, efficiently inform and vet sponsors, increase interest and engagement in your conference and save time and money. By using a Conference Management system it dramatically reduces the time spent consolidating information, overlapping redundancies and manual efforts that consume inefficient use of work hours and more importantly aligns and informs your potential sponsors of what their requirements are. This streamlined process keeps stakeholders and organizers informed throughout the entire sponsorship journey, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

The cost saving benefits of using a Conference Management system for sponsorships includes efficient time strategies, lower financial expenditures in redundant manual work, and a consolidated portal that stakeholders and sponsors have access to and are keep informed in real time. A customized Conference Management system provides an exceptional user experience and promotes higher retention and sales returns. The cosmetic benefits of the system are that the sponsor experience of the sponsorship process is branded, polished, professional, and comprehensive.

By utilizing a Conference Management portal for sponsorships, it upholds the complexity, organization and intercommunication between stakeholders, company and sponsors while automating numerous tasks and deliverables thereby setting a uniformed standard and keeping all things on brand.

A Conference Management system promotes your levels of sponsorships, conference benefits, features and event details all in one portal. This in effect maximizes your ROI by managing your sponsorship signup and deliverable’s all in one comprehensive system. The ease and efficiency of having all your sponsorship data captured into one portal streamlines workflows, allows for accurate oversight and high level assessments on data being generated.

Features of a Good Conference Management System:

Features that comprise a good, well rounded Conference Management system is first and foremost one that is user friendly and intuitive for your sponsors. The sponsors experience of the site and sponsorship process is essential for the quality and professionalism of the Conference brand. This is the brand that you are showing the world, who you are and why sponsors should be a part of your conference. The conference sponsorship website is the first introduction and selling point of the sponsorship process. By setting up the perfect sponsorship website to promote and collect all your conference sponsors, you can manage all your signups via the admin portal, with automated workflows that include email confirmation, payment collection and contracts.

A professional, compelling and engaging website is customized to fit your needs, deliver your message and help promote all your sponsorship packages. With the ability to manage and collect everything in one location, it streamlines the sponsorship process making it easier for stakeholders to have transparent oversight throughout the entire sponsorship process. This one portal system is also essential for the sponsors to be in the loop and be clearly aware of their expectations, requirements and deliverables on their sponsorship journey. Creating multi-level sponsorship packages, collecting your sponsor deliverables, setup and managing pre-events, collecting exhibitor event passes and managing onsite benefits and turnkey booths has never been easier and more efficient then with an end to end Conference Management system.

To get more out of your conference and increase your ROI (return on investment), expand your conference sponsorship visibility pool to capture the attention of prospective sponsors by combining digital marketing capabilities and channels to improve conference traffic. Digital Marketing drives interest and traffic to the Conference Sponsorship website, which in turn increases the engagement of prospective sponsors. Ensuring that the Conference brand is clear, professional and concise makes it more appealing and compelling for potential sponsors to invest their time and money in. At the end of the day prospective sponsors are looking to invest and affiliate themselves with a conference and a brand that will elevate them and their businesses. They want to be associated with reputable and prominent conferences that add value to their exposure and investment.

Key Features that Sponsors Look for Include:

  • Why a sponsor should be a part of your event
  • Showcase conference speakers and past sponsors
  • Provide previous conference analytics and data
  • Communicate conference event schedule, agenda and track sessions
  • Promote conference sponsor opportunities and packages
  • Real time access to sponsor conference deliverables and timelines
  • Projected analysis of expected attendees
  • Benefits of participating in the conference as a sponsor

A customized Conference Management system allows you to create customized deliverables, therefore allowing the sponsorship process to be fluid and adaptable depending on the sponsorship requirement needs. Deliverables can be customized to collect the information and the assets you need for your conference.

Customized Conference Sponsorship Deliverables can Include:

  • Company logo and description
  • Demo names and description
  • Sponsor session submission forms
  • Sponsor session presentations
  • Company promotional benefits
  • Video and promotional materials
  • Custom fields as per requirements
  • Reminders as required

By utilizing a Conference Management system all information, protocols, history and submissions are housed in one location, allowing it to become an integral compendium to be sourced for future events. This hub also generates a clear and concise reflection on the return on investment (ROI) per event which allows for comparative analysis for future ROI. Conference Management systems can also be integrated with Asset Management systems to further streamline the Conference Sponsorship development by creating an online portal to choose and house all conference exhibit assets. Having everything in one hub is the preferred and ideal way to setup and navigate through the Conference Sponsorship planning and organization.

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