Asset Management Software is
The Events Industry Standard

In the events industry there are many things to keep track of and this is especially true when it comes to event assets. A lot of money is invested in “assets” which are comprised of exhibit, fixed and consumable assets that are used for events such as conferences and trade shows. A fixed asset management solution in the form of an asset management software catalogs, keeps track of inventory, facilities shipping and keeps an account of the ROI of the assets.

Asset management system software is a small investment that renders a big yield because it simplifies the entire process, saves time, consolidates all the asset data in one portal and clearly shows the entire lifecycle of an asset. Each asset requires an investment and has its own life cycle and to truly understand the efficiency and profitability of your event assets you need to capture the ROI (return on investment). To do this a company needs a high-level view of what value they get compared to what they invest into an event. Custom asset management solutions are a great solution, be it in the form of an exhibition management software or custom asset management software.

An Asset Management
Software for all Your Assets

As mentioned above the events industry typically deals with three specific kinds of assets. Exhibit assets are commonly used for exhibit companies that supply exhibit booths to their clients or for companies that create their own to be used in company circulation. Fixed assets are items such as furniture, banners, tech devices (laptops, tablets, etc.), essentially any asset that will return into asset circulation once the event is over. Fixed assets are used repeatedly until their life cycle is over, or company branding/messaging has changed.

The last of the assets is a consumable or soft asset. These assets are your giveaway items such as pens, stickers, totes, and notepads. Giveaway items are company branded and is a staple for any event and requires a constant inventory to draw people to your booth. Customizable asset management software is the simplest and most efficient way to keep track of all your assets in one place and allows you to see the entire landscape of your asset investment.

What to Look for When Selecting
Asset Management Software

Not all asset management software’s are made equal, and you want to be clear on what you are getting and how much it’s going to cost you. The first thing to look for is an asset management software that allows you (in some scope) to tailor the software to your requirements and workflows. Each company has their own KPI’s, processes and workflows and that needs to be reflected in the custom asset management software that you are using. The second thing to look for in an asset management software is that it must be easy to use and pleasing to the eye. The reason why this is important is because you want all your employees to use this (otherwise what is the point) and you want to ensure that they’ll want to use it because it’s easier than what they were doing previously which is probably spreadsheets and emails.

Another feature to look for when selecting customizable asset management solutions is that you can white label it to your brand identity. When people log into it, you want your brand reflected there, having your logo, brand colors, etc.

The Best Asset Management Software Ensures That Key Data is Captured

In today’s world it’s commonly known that if you are not paying for the product, YOU are the product. This is how valuable data is and when it comes to your company data you want to ensure that it’s all being captured and safeguarded within the company fortress. The problem with spreadsheets, emails and employees keeping company info on their computers is that it becomes fragmented. Never mind the time spent on trying to reach someone to gather and submit that info to you. The time lost on just gathering data is frustrating, this combined with emails that take forever to be replied to, plus the cost of your time that the company is paying does not equal efficient use of company time and money invested.

Breakthrough asset management solutions combined with the help of an innovative asset management software eliminates all the above, because whatever information you are looking for you can access immediately. It saves so much time and it’s far more efficient.

Asset Life Cycle Reporting

Detailed reports that provide a comprehensive view on the asset usage, cost, popularity, and ROI is

Flexible in Customization

An asset management software that allows you to customize fields, requirements, and workflows

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is important and being able to incorporate it into the asset management software is necessary

Inventory Management

With the best asset management tools, keeping track of your inventory is crucial to event participation and success


When implementing an asset management software make it a priority to onboard all your employees onto the software. This is necessary for to ensure that your team will begin and commit to using the asset management software.


Relying on spreadsheets and emails is so yesteryear, and it’s also one of the least efficient ways to maintaining and keeping track of data because it’s not consolidated.

User Account Access

Choose custom asset management software that allows you to create multiple accounts with different levels of data access depending on job roles

Secure Your Data with Event Registration Software

Give your clients visibility to all their exhibit assets via our custom portal. Track all orders and inventory across multiple clients and warehouse locations. icon1’s Asset Management Portal was designed to help you save time and improve your client Asset Management workflow

Types of Event Management Software
Used in The Events Industry

Designed to Improve ROI

Save time by automating asset management workflows and requirements

Quick Ship Inventory

Users can effortlessly search, view and place orders online.

Exhibit Inventory & Assets Portal

Manage and provide clear visibility on all your client rental exhibit properties and assets in one location


View detailed reports on what assets are being used to maximize your warehouse space and event messaging.

Build Stronger Relationships with Our Turnkey Rental Exhibit Property System

Preload your asset management assets into the asset management system with all your approved exhibit and graphics.

Customize and setup your Asset Management System to showcase and repurpose your exhibit properties and assets. Add your show materials, graphic artwork, furniture, booth designs and more, providing clear visibility and messaging for your event reps. Reduce costs, maintain company branding and track all your events all in one location.

Manage multi-client exhibits and graphics in one location to achieve a higher ROI. Users can search and find properties that can be used for events. Capture key event details to track and monitor all your client events. Quick ship inventory allows users to find, view properties and place orders. Save time and costs in searching, developing, and coordinating multiple exhibit properties and events.